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Jennifer Freesia Bay Area curl specialist , curly girl from Berkeley


Becoming a hairstylist had been a goal and passion of mine since I was in high school. I was working as a receptionist at the salon my sister worked at as a stylist. She totally mesmerized me by creating beautiful living works of art! I wanted so much to do that!! She taught me how to foil gave me tips on haircutting, permed my hair and taught me how to style it curly. I loved it!! I always wanted to be like her growing up but this was something more, something that I really thought I’d be good at! And my grandpa was a barber too?!?! It’s totally in the genes.

I had planned on starting cosmetology school when out of the blue I got an amazing opportunity to go to Mexico. What started of as a 2 month trip turned into living there for 14 years. I had put my career plans on hold, got married, started a family and a new life on a little beach called Zipolite on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. and gave birth to my amazing daughter Maya (who is now following in my footsteps and going to cosmo school) Over the years among many other things, I taught belly dance, Performed with my troupe, braided hair on the beach, waitressed and had a little store.


For ten years I Summered in the Hamptons! Sounds lavish but I was really slaving away in restaurants and visiting my mom. I would do her hair while I was there and her stylist finally asked her who did her color. My mom told her it was me and her stylist was so shocked that I wasn’t a stylist (yet) and said “She’s totally missing her calling!!” I knew then that I was a natural, probably because I’m such a perfectionist!

Over the years I had taught many friends, family and neighbors how to style their curly hair. After going through the DevaCurl training I realize now that this is my gift! I am a curl whisperer! A curl doctor! A curlologist! This IS my calling! I need to share it with the world!

Confession: I’m a total hair nerd! The science and chemistry of hair totally intrigues me. I love to educate my clients on the “why” and “how” and I am constantly taking new classes.

I also have a knack for is listening and understanding. Not only with what people say but with what they don’t say and what they really mean. Since I strive to see someone’s vision, this makes me fantastic with working with brides.  I also absolutely adore working weddings and being a part of the special day. 

So if you are looking for a perfectionist stylist to take the time to really get your vision and do it right, and make you a living masterpiece, I’m your girl! You can book your appointment or schedule a free 15min consultation today.


SaloNet located in the beautiful
Lake Merritt area of Oakland, near Fairyland. SaloNet (formerly Mio) has a professionally trained staff that provides the highest level of service

specializing in curly hair. Our mission is to provide a friendly and professional environment in
where clients feel welcome
The best part of our job is seeing the smile on our
clients faces when they leave the salon.

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