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Curly Cut Prep

  • Wash and thoroughly detangle your hair within 2 days of your appointment

  • Style in it's naturally curly state using the products you normally use.

  • Make sure your curls are for the most part detangled and dry. (No matted areas)

  • Please let your hair hang loosely-avoid ponytail holders or clips, they will affect the cut.

Color Service Prep

  • Please come with your hair clean and dry. Minimal product is ok, please no oils butters or heavy products.

  • When getting highlights, if you have super coily hair it may be best to prep it by blowing it out for your appointment

  • For on scalp lightening services shampoo your hair 24 hours before your coloring session - shampooing right before may rough up your scalp and cause irritation 

  • For any lightening service, the week before your appointment, prep your hair with a deep conditioning protein treatment.

  • For best results when getting a full color,  clarify your hair 24 to 48 hours before your coloring session.

Color Service Aftercare

  • Wait 72 hours to shampoo after your color service.

  • Use sulfate free color safe shampoo.

  • Make sure your flat iron/curling iron is on a low temperature and you are using a heat protectant.

  • Deep condition.

  • Wash hair with cooler water or if you have a red or a vivid color use cold water.

Wedding, Proms & Special Occasions Prep

  • Come in with dry hair. Wash your hair the day before. Slightly dirty hair holds curl better. If your hair is wet or too dirty or oily we may need to wash/dry it and this will occur an additional charge and take twice as long.

  • Bring in inspiration photos of the style you would like performed. Choose a style that works with your hair length and texture.

  • Wear a button up type of blouse that can be taken off without messing the new style when changing into your dress or outfit.

Makeup Prep

  • Cleanse

  • Lightly Exfoliate

  • Tone

  • Moisturize 

  • Protect with SPF

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