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  • Which haircut do I choose?
    If you have curly/wavy hair and wear it curly/wavy most of the time please choose one of the following "New client curly cuts" or add on the new client curl coaching to a color service: Thin density: You don't have a lot of hair Medium density: You have an average amount of hair Thick density: You have a lot of hair Thick and extra tangly: You have thick hair and it takes 15-30 min just to detangle If you have curly hair and wear it straight, choose Haircut with flat iron If you have straight or wavy hair and blowdry it or wear it straight then pick staight cut: Short cut: Pixy cut to chin length but you dont have thick hair Medium cut: Chin length to shoulder length or thick short hair Long cut: Long hair or thick meduim length hair
  • What color service do I choose
    If you are a new Curly client please add on the new client curl coaching to one of the following color services: Root touch up/Color touch up - Application of permanent or demi haircolor to your new growth. Full color - Permanent or demi color applied from root to ends. NOTE: if you already have haircolor on your hair we will not be able to make your hair a lighter color, you will need to get a corrective color. Please fill out my color intake form Hightlights/Balayage - Application of lightener (haircolor or high lift can only be used on virgin hair) to lift the level or brightness of hair strands.
  • How should my hair be for my appointment?
    If you have a curly cut appointment, please come with your hair: Washed within 2 days of your appointment Styled curly with the products you normally use Make sure your hair is completely dry for your service Avoid putting your hair up in any way or using any clips as this will disturb your curl pattern. For color, it'ts best to have it relatively clean. If you are getting an on scalp lightening service, it's best not to wash for 24hours before your appointment.
  • How often should I come into the salon?
    Haircut: Short haircut 4-6 weeks Medium to long hair 4 months I suggest not going over 6 months between appointments as this can cause more split ends. Once your ends start to catch and tangle easily even after detangling, that is a sign you should be getting a trim. Color: Root touch up 3-8 weeks Highlights/balayage services 4-6 months. Toner 6 weeks. Fashion color when it fades 1-6 months
  • Do you have a cancellation list?
    Please book an appointment online first, if you would like to get in sooner, you can add yourself to the waitlist. How to add yourself to the waitlist: On my booking site Schedulicity, choose a service and then click choose a date/time, then click the join waitlist button under the calendar.
  • Can I go blonde in one session?
    Going blonde in one session is not impossible, it can be affected by many things, such as, the level of your natural hair color, hair texture, any previous color, and hair integrity. If you have previous haircolor on your hair, even if it has faded, it will affect how blonde your hair can lift to and makes it more difficult to lighten.
  • What does “starting at” mean for prices?
    This is the starting price for the service, however it can go up based on hair thickness, time and product used.
  • What are your hours?
    Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
  • How do I contact you?
    To contact me you can email me at I set aside time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to respond to emails but you may hear from me sooner.
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