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Curly Cut

This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for curls, waves and all natural curl patterns. Your hair will be cut while dry, in its naturally curly/wavy state. I personally combine the DevaCutting technique with other curly cutting methods to create a look that enhances your curl pattern.

The new client curly cut is an interactive educational appointment that includes a clarifying shampoo, hard water, scalp  and hydrating conditioning treatment, in-depth curl coaching, styling session and product recommendations that make it easy to maintain your style at home. I will also give you tips for refreshing curls on non wash days as well as how to protect your curls while you sleep.

New Client Curly Cut  - $200

Returning Client Curly Cut  - $160

Kids Curly Cut  $100 - $160 

Extra Detangling Time  $15 - $30

Curly "Set"/Curl Coaching  $100 -$125+



Deep Conditioning add on    $20-45

Olaplex Treatment add on   $30

K18 Treatment add on   $30+

Brazilian Blow Out   $150-$400

Color Arts

Your color service includes a luxurious shampoo, conditioning and styling. A charge of $30 for curl coaching is added onto all new client color only appointments.


Color Touch Up w/ treatment  $150+

Full Color  $200+

Dimensional Highlight/Balayage $300+

Extreme Highlights/Blonding $500+

Color Correction  $100+ per hour

Fashion Color $600+

Add on toner   $40+

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